About Clutch Barber Supply

Welcome to Clutch Barber Supply!

We are a locally-owned and operated barber supply store in Grand Prairie, TX. Our store is neat, clean, and well-stocked, and we feature many of the top-rated brands of barber supplies and stocks.

Clutch Barber Supply: Your One-Stop Shop

Clutch Barber Supply strives to be your one-stop shop for all your barber supplies and equipment. That's why we update our inventory regularly. We know how essential your tools of the trade are to you, so we offer you the widest selection of barber tools and equipment.

Whether you're an established barber shop with hundreds of clients or just starting with a few clients, we have what you need. Our job is to ensure you always have the best tools to service your customers. 

Our Tools, Equipment, and Products

Our equipment and tools will ensure you always have happy, satisfied customers.

Barber Clippers

If you're looking for barber clippers that are easy to use, durable, and powerful, look no further. We offer the latest and best-rated clippers on the market since our tools help you create the most stylish haircuts with precision and accuracy.


Come into our store and view our range of razors. Our razors are sharp, comfortable to hold, and many feature replaceable blades.

Hair Care Products

Do you need hair care products? Our store offers you a range of organic and natural hair care products.

We stock a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and gels from reputable suppliers. Your clients will leave your barber shop feeling pampered and well-taken care of with our range of hair care products.

Brands We Stock

The service you offer comes down to the tools and products you use. Allow us to help you set yourself apart as the leader in your industry. 

You'll find many of the top brands at Clutch Barber Supply.

Our Barber Products Shop stocks the following brands and items:

  • Andis
  • Babyliss 
  • Oster
  • Wahl
  • Tomb45
  • Gamma/Style Craft
  • L3vel 3
  • JRL
  • Barber Chairs
  • Clippers / Barber Blades
  • LEE Ring Light
  • Barber Pole
  • Barber Capes
  • Clothing
  • OG Walker 
  • Clutch Events
  • Barber Mts
  • Smash
  • Razors / Shavers

You can think of us as an extension of your team. We're here when you need us most, and thus, we're always ready and fully stocked.

We're Here for All Your Barber Equipment Needs

When you need clippers because your last pair just gave in, we can provide you with the stock you need.

If you need advice on the latest hair care products, we're here to inform you and answer all your questions.

When it comes to barber shop supplies and stock, we make sure that our team is fully trained on the latest features and offerings in the industry.

Contact Us Today!

Our store features a team of knowledgeable staff. We are ready to answer any questions about the products and tools that we stock. We can help you by making suggestions and offering advice.

Choose us!

We're the best in the industry at supplying the highest-quality products and tools. We pride ourselves on providing you with the biggest range of quality products and tools and a team backed by industry experience.

Call us today at (214) 677-1059 to see how we can help you!

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