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Are you looking for a barber supplier that's always stocked with the best products on the market? A supplier you can rely on when you need stock at a moment's notice? Speak to the professionals at Clutch Barber Supply, the preferred barber supplies store in Grand Prairie, TX.

Visit our store for anything you need, from razors to clippers and anything in between. 

Barber Tools

Do you need to get yourself kitted out with the latest barber tools? We have everything you need under one roof. We work with your budget to get you the best tools for the job.

We can supply you with an entire kit of tools or individual items. We stock everything from razors, blades, clippers, mats, and mirrors to chairs, poles, and brushes. 

Are you just starting and looking to stock your barber shop? Visit our store and browse our selection. Our team is highly qualified and trained in all the products we feature in our store.

We can help you set up everything you need to get your barber shop off the ground. We'll gladly answer any questions you have and can make suggestions based on your budget and needs. 

Are you an established barbershop looking for the latest tools on the market? Or, a supplier that can keep you updated on trends and provide you with tools to meet those trends? We are your one-stop shop. We stock everything you need for your barber shop under one roof. 

Hair Care Products

Your clients come to you because they're looking for a unique service with superior products. We can offer you what you need in the hair care division to ensure that those clients are happy and satisfied. Your level of service will be evaluated by the quality of the products you use.

We'll help you keep that evaluation as high as possible by providing you with the best products. Your customers will feel pampered with hair as soft as silk and glowing skin. 

Do you need the latest beard oil and wash? We stock top-of-the-range products. Do you need shaving cream, brushes, or beard styling tools? We have what you need! Our job is to ensure your clients come back for the service AND the products. 

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We only stock industry-leading products from reputable suppliers.

Call our store today at (214) 677-1059 to find out about the latest stock on our shelves.

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