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Hevie Enhancement - Semi-Permanent Hair & Beard Defining Dye (Black or Brown)

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Hevie Enhancement is a non toxic enhancement that strengthens your client’s hairline with a bright, natural color. Many businesses advertise high saturation, long-lasting products without actually delivering on those promises. The difference between our product and theirs is that our signature line of Hevie Enhancement Black, Brown, and Platinum Gray defining dye has been precisely balanced to always provide a smooth, long-lasting finish that elevates hairlines regardless of hair texture. Our premium non-toxic formula will assure that your client’s skin is protected and kept healthy.

There is nothing on the market that compares in performance or value. Hevie Enhancement comes in a 2oz bottle (~60ml), which can be used for up to 50 clients. Pair this with the Hevie Compressor 2.0 and a Hevie Stencil, and the value it adds is incomparable; a $20 haircut can turn into a $30 haircut with an added enhancement service that takes two minutes. Barbers across the world can immediately raise their service prices, giving clients a look that will keep them coming back.

Hevie Enhancement doesn’t need to be shaken, and it will never clog compressors, wired or wireless. For optimal performance, use the Hevie Compressor 2.0, which adjusts between 18 to 25 PSI, and delivers the most natural look to hairlines, beards, parts, and designs. Hevie Enhancement dries in seconds, and lasts up to 5 days, depending on client’s daily activity. For best results, add heat from a blow dryer to create a longer lasting finish. Remind your client that for longest lasting results, they should be light around the edges in the shower. 

Our product always delivers an unrivaled, clean result; something none of our competitors can say with 100% confidence. Barbers worldwide are abandoning sub-par, lackluster products, turning to the only proven formula guaranteed to give you the finest results. Hevie Season is here, don’t miss out! Order a bottle today to take your business to the next level.

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